At this point it looks like issue one will be out late June/early July. We’re excited! Here’s some table of contents art by Travis:


Here are some chapbooks you can look out for in the coming months:

  • Sunflowers by John Paul Fitch, illustrated by Mutartis Boswell
  • A Persistence of Geraniums by John Linwood Grant, illustrated by Mutartis Boswell
  • Clone Crisis K by Jacurutu99, with a cover by Josh Yelle and interior illustrations by Travis Neisler
  • Beastuary by Bob Freville, illustrated by Travis Neisler
  • The Phalanges Series by Joseph Bouthiette, Jr.; illustrated by Betty Rocksteady

More chapbooks that have not yet been assigned artists:

  • I Propose a Trade by Jacurutu99
  • Ink Spots by Sam Gafford
  • The Taker by Philip Fracassi
  • Neon Golgotha by Michael Faun
  • Untitled chapbook by Brian O’Connell

Future projects:

  • A novella in stories by Rusty Barnes
  • A collection by Sam Gafford
  • A novella by John Paul Fitch
  • A collection by Brian O’Connell

That’s pretty much it! This site, as you’ve probably noticed, doesn’t get updated too often, so we suggest you go to the Ravenwood Facebook page here for more up-to-date news.