We’re funded! Here’s the ToC for issue one, set to drop in June. The order’s subject to change.

  • Matthew M. Bartlett – “The Terrible Old Friend”
  • Joseph Bouthiette, Jr. – “The Proud Will Be Abased”
  • Brian O’Connell – “My Mother’s Skin”
  • Brandon Barrows – “Christmas Eve in Arkham”
  • Peter Rawlik – “The Annotation of James Ingraham Host”
  • Christopher Ropes – “Cruel World”
  • Sam Gafford – “Inkspots”
  • Betty Rocksteady – “The Lonely Hearts Club”
  • Michael Faun – “Oraculorum Pythonissa”
  • Roger Keel – “The Shaft” and “Thou Shall Kill”
  • Alex S. Johnson – “The Pit and the Void”
  • Anthony Crowley – “Saturnalia”
  • Dave de Burgh – “Stalker”
  • John Paul Fitch – “The Black Parade”
  • Jordan Krall – “The Horizontal Masochist”
  • David-John Tyrer – Violation of Trust
  • Interviews with Scurvy Ink, Dynatox Ministries, Cadabra Records, and Dim Shores
  • Several reviews and articles to be announced

Preparation for the next four issues are already in the works. Issue #2 will have a Halloween/Fall theme, and several stories have already been accepted. Issue #3 has a loose noir/crime theme, but there are no real guidelines. Issue #4 is a special issue, granted what we here in the woods call “anthology status”. It has a specific theme – goats. And not the nice kind. Ravenwood Quarterly Issue #4: Goat Worship contains stories exclusively themed after a goat, a group of goats, and so on. Some very exciting things are in the works for this one, and while we can’t reveal too many details, it’ll certainly be something to see.

Submissions are always open. If you have a story, review, article, or piece of art that you think fit the bill – send them over!