That’s right… I want to publish a collection of age specific scary stories. When I was a young boy I loved reading and re-reading my copies of Frankenstein and The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then along came Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark…


I have a two year old, and though I have bought several books that cover weird tales (C is for Cthulhu) and darker “A Mythos Grimmly” I don’t see a lot out there for the little ones.

So I want to change that.

This project is very much still in it’s earliest of stages, there is a possibility that I cannot pull it off…or that I’ll be partnering up to get it done. As the project progresses I’ll have a better idea of what the payouts will be so if you submit keep in mind it’s ongoing…but I’ll keep you updated on every move!

Here’s what I am looking for:

NO INNOCENCE LOST- (working title gonna change)

For ages 3-8

  • No overt violence, no violence in general really
  • No sexual themes or references
  • No drug references (including alcohol and cigarettes)
  • Under 5,000 words (if you are familiar with me you’ll know I’m pretty flexible on word count-but if there is room for longer stories we’ll see what we can do. Stories over 5k get last looks though)


UNDER YOUR BED!-(working title gonna change)

For ages 8 and above

  • No overt violence (suggested violence should be minimal if at all)
  • No overt sexual themes (is it necessary at all? probably not)
  • No drug references- I know alcohol plays into many urban legends and some folk tales so…I mean if it’s absolutely necessary to the story.
  • Under 5,000 words- again flexible but remember you get shuffled to the bottom if you’re too far over

That is everything I can think to cover right now. If you have questions or suggestions to tighten the guidelines up a bit I’d be more than happy to hear them.

Email me: