The Much Needed Update

Greetings fellow Weirdos,

Much work has been going on despite the silence here, and for that silence I deeply apologize (I often forget my passwords and summarily forget to update!)

Issue One is at the printers and in production, so in a week or so I see them in my hands and within days of that I’ll begin shipping. The hardcovers will come later as I have very specific wants and want to communicate in person what I expect . so everyone will have their first issues hopefully before the end of september! (I know that’s almost four months behind schedule) To make up for the delays I will soon be opening a webstore that will be the central place for buying all Ravenwood and Electric Pentacle* releases and once that is up and running ALL KICKSTARTER BACKERS will receive a half off discount of Issue Two.

*I realize I had not announced the creation of ELECTRIC PENTACLE here yet! Electric Pentacle is a collaboration between myself, Sam Gafford, and John Linwood Grant. It begins with our burgeoning sister magazine “Occult Detective Quarterly” and will excitingly grow from there!

Also I am proud to announce the creation of a new companion zine that will start with Ravenwood Issue two….NACHTWALD a complete poetry zine! I have been receiving a lot of poetry recently and instead of trying to find a way to fit it all in I decided to dedicate it all to something else! I am also pleased to tell you that the most righteous Ryan Beauchamp will be editing Nachtwald. Please check the updated submissions section for the new email address and instructions.


Grim Regards